The Relations Between Anemia and Female Adolescent’s Dysmenorrhea

Kusumawardani, Paramitha Amelia and cholifah, cholifah (2018) The Relations Between Anemia and Female Adolescent’s Dysmenorrhea. 4th UPHEC (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan International Conference on Public Health ), 1 (1). pp. 200-205. ISSN 9789793812946

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Dysmenorrhea described as painful cramps in the lower abdomen that occur during menstruation and the infection indications, pelvic disease moreover in the severe cases it caused fainted. The women who complained dysmenorrhea problems mostly are who experience menstruation at any age. That means there is no limits age and usually dysmenorrhea often occur with dizziness, cold sweating, even fainted. In some countries the dysmenorrhea problem happens quite high as happened in the United States found 60-91% while in Indonesia amounted to 64.25%. as many as 45-75% of female adolescent experienced dysmenorrhea with the chronic or severe pain that effected to their everyday activities The number of teenagers who experience dysmenorrhea is due to high cases of anemia, irregular exercise, and lack of knowledge of nutritional status. In the previous study there are 85% of female adolescent experience dysmenorrhea.The method of this study is a correlational method with cross sectional approach. The data collecting method examining Hb levels. The population and sample of this study was 40 female adolescent The result showed that the female adolescent who had dysmenorrhea with anemia was 26 (92.4%). From the calculation by Exact Fisher the correlation between anemia and dysmenorrhea cases among female adolescent P <0.05 and p = 0.003, there was significant correlation between adolescent’s dysmenorrhea. Based on the result of statistic analysis, it can be concluded that the anemia can be categorized as one of dysmenorrhea causes. Anemia is one of the constitutional factors that cause lack of endurance of the body to gainst.

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