Health Related Quality of Life in Life Hemodialysis Patients : A Single Center Study

Khoirun Nisak, Umi Health Related Quality of Life in Life Hemodialysis Patients : A Single Center Study. A product of Diva Enterprises Cvt. Ltd 2018.

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Objective: This study were to identify the many factors (gender, age, education level, employment, accessibility, income, history of disease, dialysis duration, caregiver, nutrition) that might influence QoL scores on hemodialysis patients. Analysis: The quality of life (QoL) has become a recognized outcome in studies of the treatment for patients with undergoing hemodialysis (HD). Method: This study used a cross-sectional design and was conducted in Hemodialysis Unit of dr. Soetomo Hospital on September-October 2016. The subj of this study were 59 HD patients with HD therapy >3 months (twice a week) and used the SF-36 forms covering 8 domains of QoL, into physical composite summary (PCS), mental composite summary (MCS) and total score. Findings: the mean age was 44.3(±11.3), 52.5% were male. Most of participants were graduate from senior high school (54.2%), have nondiabetes mellitus history(91.5%), has spouse as caregiver (61%). The mean albumin scores were 3.8(±0.26). The total score mean was 65±20.1, PCS was 58.8(±19.6), MCS was 71.5(±29.4). There were significant correlation between age with RE and GH domain (s= -0.283;r=0.291), education level with PF domain(s=0.327), HD duration with BP, VT, and SF domain (s=0.278, 0.272 and 0.309 consecutively), nutrition with GH and VT domain (s=0.420;r=0.582) and significant comparison between history of disease with PF domain (P<0.006). Result: Factors affecting some QoL domain in HD patients were age, education level, history of disease

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