Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study of Chandrahasa Rasa - A Unique Formulation

Dr. Vachana, K D and Dr. Laxmi B, Kurle (2023) Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study of Chandrahasa Rasa - A Unique Formulation. International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development, 7 (5). pp. 428-441. ISSN 2456-6470

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine, is momentous in audience of worldwide on virtue of its holistic approach of life. Rasaushadhis in Ayurveda have a wide range of therapeutic utility due to their prolonged shelf life, finer particles size, being tasteless, odourless, minimum dose, quick action, makes them more effective and unique. With proper anupana, herbo-mineral formulations act effectively in a variety of pathological conditions. Jwara is considered as Rogadhipati i.e., most serious and king of all diseases in which the mind, sense organs and the body all are affected (Dehendriya mana santapakara). Chandrahasa Rasa (CR) is an unique herbo mineral Kharaliya Rasayana mentioned in Vaidya Chintamani of 16thAD constituting 14 ingredients with 5 bhavana dravyas which is solely indicated in Ashta vidha Jwara and 13 Sannipataja Jwara. Physical test shows CR is Greenish Brown in colour with pH 4.56±0.10 and Mean particle size of CR is 639.8 nm. XRD study compared with 2? angle and JCPDF standards and confirms that CR is a compound of Metacinnabar in cubic crystal system, Sulphur in Orthorhombic crystal system, Arsenic di sulphide and Sodium hydroxide borate hydrate are Monoclinic crystal system. Elements present in CR as confirmed by the EDS study are C, O, Na, S, Cl, K, As, and Hg in the Weight percentage of 49.95, 26.45, 0.76,10.38,0.29,4.38,2.64 and 5.15 respectively.

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