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Mulya, Thalia Hafitsa (2018) English Learning Effective. English Learning Effective. ISSN 2089-3833

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Mastering the International language is something that needs to be developed at this time. With the establishment of Indonesia as a member of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community), it is fitting for the nation's generation to advance in terms of science and technology supported by the mastery of the language of instruction is good and right. English is an important international language that can connect people with the world in various aspects including the educational aspect and learning in another country gives challenging atmosphere for someone who scholarship to be a foreign exchange student. Communication can be realized if one mastered four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. This applies also to the learning process of English called listening and reading as receptive skill while reading and speaking as productive skill. Often people call that just by mastering speaking, that person can be said to be proficient in language. It is not entirely true. Writing language is also important to master. For example, when we open the Internet and want to respond to email, of course it requires careful reading ability along with the ability to write with the correct language structure so as to give appropriate answers. In addition there are three elements of language that play an important role in supporting the four skills, namely pronunciation (pronunciation), vocabulary (vocabulary), and grammar (language structure). To achieve optimal English language skills, professional language instructors are required to produce qualified learners. The problem of learning English is not only found in the elementary, middle, and upper level of education, but will continue until the college level. This applies also to students who are not from English department. To fulfill the obligations as a student at a university, they are required to take English courses and even have to pass the TOEFL test with a high enough value. For students who don’t have a strong language knowledge background gained from elementary to high school will feel overwhelmed by this. So, as the English learners who do not deepen their knowledge in the field (ESP learners) have the potential to produce various responses in the learning process. Some of the factors that become the reason why they choose Speaking are as follows: lack of vocabulary in English, difficult to memorize, difficult pronunciation because it is very different from the Indonesian language, the fear of making mistakes, the fear of being laughed at by friends, and the lack of knowledge of Grammar. The second position lies in Listening skills. Upon hearing the English video or tone, the students felt unable to keep up with the normal speed of the native English speakers' voice. Then the lack of vocabulary mastery and understanding of English accents makes them not understand the content spoken of in the conversation even though the speed has been adjusted to the Indonesian language or the speaker is not native. Writing is the most complex activity to master. For ESP learners in this context. However, few students make writing skills difficult to learn. This is because in the process of learning, they approach the writing process where there are several steps that must be passed before they publish their English writing. The least difficulty in learning English lies in Reading. Most students think that reading skills are the easiest thing to do. Factors used as the basis for answers by students are due to their interest in reading activities. So even though the language of instruction given is English they still enjoy the activity.

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