Analyzing and Comparing between Two Journal Articles

Jannah, Mira Diafatul (2018) Analyzing and Comparing between Two Journal Articles. Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo.

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The following is an evaluation and comparison of two journal articles. The articles are “Kesulitan Mahasiswa dalam Mencapai Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris secara Efektif” and “Tertiary Level Exchange Students’ Perspectives on Self-Efficacy: Toward EFL Writing”. Both of the articles were created by Megawati (2016a & 2016b), and present about learning English for EFL learners. Article 1 focuses on English learning problems reported by the learners as non-English Department students.The English learning problems are influenced by different proficiency level of the students. Those show that article 1 presents general aspects of learning English such as Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading. It also uses non-English Department students that is primary school teacher education of Umsida as subjects in the research. Consequently, that needs more energy, time, and right preparation in carrying out the reserch. In contrast to article 2 that focuses to describe the students’ self-efficacy on their writing competence. This article uses three exchange students from Thailand as subjects in the research of writing skill. Those show that article 2 presents in particular aspect of learning English that is Writing skill. Moreover, this article only uses three students making the research saved more time and energy, also it was more effective and not complicated. The content of article 1 is about the problems and obstacles faced by students in various aspects of learning English. The article discusses too many aspects that make the readers pay more attention and are difficult to understand what the main point of the article is. Different from article 2 that only discusses one aspect of learning English that is writing skill. The readers will be able to understand and know what the main point of the article easily. Then the method of the research in article 1 is similar to article 2. Both use questionnaires to observe the difficulties and problems of subjects in learning English. But the article 1 only explains the majority of students’ results and does not explain it in detail because of too many subjects oberved. It also presents the data in essay form that makes the readers should read it slowly and comprehensively. While article 2 explains each student’s result in detail because the subjects are only three students. In addition, article 2 uses tables and chart to explain the data that make the readers easier to draw the conclusion of the research. In cloncusion, article 2 with particular aspect and a few subjects is easier for readers to understand the whole research in it. Whereas article 1 which uses general aspects and large subjects is a little bit difficult for readers to understand the research. But on the other hand, research with large subjects is more accurate and valid than the research with a few subjects.

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